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How to use our Cards Decks

Here is a description of the deck and how to use it:

Overcoming Overwhelm Deck

This 17-card deck offers bite-sized tips and strategies for dealing with feelings of overwhelm when they arise. Life throws a lot at us and it's normal at times to feel buried, anxious, or frozen under the weight of it all. This deck offers perspective shifts, tactical advice, and simple centering practices to return to wisdom and priority.

To Use: Keep the deck in an accessible place. When you notice overwhelm rising, draw a card for the medicine that's right for that moment. Reflect on the tip and put it into action as best you can. Draw additional cards as needed, allowing each one to shift gears in your mind and body. Return to the deck again and again when that signature feeling of overwhelm starts to grip you. Over time and consistent use, these cards will reshape your relationship to stress. Their lessons will become intuitive wisdom you can call on to bring ease and steadiness to even the most demanding seasons of work and life. You've got this!



Simonne Rossi stands out as a gifted intuitive healer, experienced Qigong practitioner, dedicated Mindfulness coach, and a Reiki Master. Her diverse expertise converges to offer a holistic approach to wellness and personal growth, blending ancient wisdom with modern practices for optimal wellbeing. She is also a Consultant for Human RIghts & Anti-Trafficking, as well as a published Author and Keynote Speaker.

Philosophy and Approach:

Simonne believes in empowering individuals to discover their inner strength and clarity. Her transformational coaching is rooted in the principle that true change begins within. She combines mindfulness techniques, energy healing, and personalized guidance to facilitate profound personal and professional transformations.

Personal Dedication Message:

Simonne is deeply committed to guiding individuals on their journey to a purposeful and fulfilling life. She understands that each person's path is unique and approaches every coaching relationship with empathy, insight, and unwavering support. Her dedication lies in helping you uncover and embrace your true potential, enabling you to live the life you have always dreamed of.

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